Working with Your Home Builder – Part 2

Working with Your Home Builder – Part 2

It’s also important to remember that, while getting what you want out of your newly-built house is the main priority, the builders (contractor) have priorities, too. And you have every right to receive a house built to safe, sturdy specifications, with a properly set foundation, even flooring, and everything else up to code. If you’ve hired reputable builders (contractor) you should be in luck- it’s their job to get this stuff right. It’s also their job to fix it if any of the basic requirements fall short of what they should be.

Even while you’re watching the progress, noting changes, and verifying the big stuff, try giving everyone a little slack when it comes to the small details. What a horror for builders to deal with a home owner who is screeching about the wrong doorknobs when they are trying to finish a house by deadline. Keep in mind that human errors happen. If they’re big ones, then you have every right to have them corrected.

If they are not what you paid for, then you have every right to speak up and have things set to rights. But if the inconsistencies are small enough to live with, won’t affect your happiness with the house overall, and will be easy to change out later, than give the builders a break. Ask for a discount if you didn’t get the shower door you ordered, but the one that’s there works just fine. During the building process of your house, it’s best to keep one eye on your contract- and the other eye on the big picture.



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